Concentrated Stimu Serum


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Concentrated Stimu Serum


Specialized serum, provides excellent complementary care, guaranteeing a visible effect of revitalized and energized skin.

Active Ingredients: Vitamin D Pro and Vitamin E

Specialized serum, provides excellent complementary care, guaranteeing a visible effect of revitalized and energized skin.
BRIGHTENING AND REJUVENATION: Optimal content of vitamin C and vitamin Dpro complex provides multi-dimensional rejuvenation effect. DuoC penetrates into the skin protecting cellular DNA and activating collagen synthesis. Vitamin Dpro protects and supports epidermis barrier and stimulates regeneration of micro-lesions.

STIMULATING BOOST OF CELLULAR ENERGY: The unique SkinAwake complex composed of natural ingredients and rich in trace minerals, sugars and vitamins, supports cellular regeneration processes during sleep.

MOISTURIZING AND ultra SMOOTHING: high molecular hyaluronic acid binds water in the skin, strongly moisturizing and smoothing. Stabilized vitamin E encapsulated in microspheres, smoothes the skin.
Skin over 30 years of age requires energy support in order to effectively fight against the factors that cause the ageing process. Lirene C+ Dpro Vitamin Energy is a modern line of cosmetics created by female experts from the Lirene Scientific Laboratory. Thanks to the triple complex of vitamins C + Dpro + E, it has a rejuvenating and strengthening effect, effectively protecting cell DNA and fighting the first signs of ageing.
Active Ingredients:
VIT. DUO C-A hybrid combination of two forms of vitamin C:
1. An active lipophilic form provides excellent absorption. It has anti-ageing properties, brightens the skin and protects the DNA of skin cells, neutralising the negative effects of UV radiation.
2. Stable vitamin C contained in liposomes. It penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen synthesis.
VIT. DPRO-It stimulates vitamin D receptor synthesis, removes the effects of its deficiency in the skin, strengthens the skin barrier and maintains proper hydration levels.
VITAMIN E-Known and highly regarded ‘vitamin of youth’. It effectively fights the signs of ageing and has a stabilising effect on vitamin C.
  • 94% – firms the skin*
  • 67% – smoothes out the first lines and wrinkles*
  • 83% – improves skin moisture*
  • 94% – ensures healthy-looking skin*
Direction to use: Apply in the evening to the cleansed skin of face and neck. For better results, use together with face cream from the same line.
INNOVATIONS created by women for WOMEN  ♥ Made In Poland
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